Brasileirão – Brazilian Football Championship – Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol – Série

Brasileirão – Brazilian Football Championship – Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol – Série

The Brazilian National Football Championship has the official name of – Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol – Série A; Serie A same name as the Italian. The Brazilian first division has 20 teams playing against each other, game at home and away, with the 4 relegations and 4 promotion from Série B, second division, there are also the third and the fourth tiers, Série C and D. Besides the the move to the Série B, second division, the Campeonato Brasileiro offers access to the Copa Libertadores de America to the better six team at the end of the competition; Copa Libertadores is like the the Champions League to South America. This is the important. Wikipedia in english has good stuff for more details.

People in Brazil has a different approach, we do things without the formality that is common in other societies. This brazilian way is not only Brazilian, a lot of countries, life doesn’t go in a very hard by the rules way, more or less like here; so, in Brazil, be friendly is the first thing, starting with smile you will have what you need easly, that’s the idea.

This smilling way is important to understand the way Ronaldinho Gaúcho plays.

Why am I saying this now?

The Brazilians aren’t strict with the names also. Serena Willians, Micheal Jordan, Maradona, Messi, most of the great athletes are known by their real name, by their family name.

Pelé is known in the whole world by his children nickname – he is Edson Arantes do Nascimento in the documents.

the vast majority of brazilian players is acknowledged by their first: Neymar, Romário, Ronaldo, Rivaldo…

the players that leave Brazil early to Europe, it’s more easy to find a surname with the first name: Philipe Coutinho, Diego Costa, Dani Alves.

Dani Alves doesn’t count, his name is Daniel – Dani is a informal way to call a Daniel.

Some great brazilian player known only by their family name are – Bellini – Capitan in 58 World Cup, Rivelino – forward in first Mexican World Cup, Falcao midfielder in 82 dream tean, Taffarel – goalkeaper in 94, no one in 2002, and, now, only Miranda, a fullback from the Internazionale Milano, and Firnimo, forward in Liverpool, uses only their last name only

The same happens the the Campeonato Brasileiro – Série A, it’s called also: Brasileirão – big Brazilian, Primeira Divisão – first division, or Série A. I like Brasileirão, however, I will use Campeonato Brasileiro, ESPN is using, so I will too.

I’m tell this name thing because is much more easy see the Brazilian football knowing that the non formal way you in the names, you see in the game played over here. The dribble, the creativity could be linked with this informality

Of course, the teacher teaches the same mathematics here, that you learned in your school.

The last name thing, Maracanã, the famous football stadium in Rio de Janeiro has a different “official” name: Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho. Maracanã is the neighborhood where it is locate. Maracanã is an informal name.

Going on to be more close to the brazilian football, you have to see, some times it’s funny: From the doormen to the phd, everybody in Brazil thinks that is an specialist in this sport.

Mourinho said he will look for an easier job after Manchester United, and coach Brazil national team is very difficult seeing the status that the brazilians give to themselves, ourself.
Mourinho said:

‘But I have to confess that it must be difficult, in every Brazilian there is a coach, in each journalist there is a better coach than the coach. I think it must be a difficult country to work for, but also a passionate one.’

Most the time, I pick up that I’m not the coach, but I can’t say that I will never slip. Lets see.
Mourinho speaks an interessant thing in a very cool way – that each journalist there is a better coach than the coach. I can say for sure that the Manchester United coach has a lot of friends over here in Brazil.

Is common one team fire the coach during the championship, and it’s not hard see more than two coach being fired in the middle of the competition.

Now, back to the Campeonato Brasileiro, it has the relegation like the championships in Europe, it doesn’t have a few big teams, like Barcelona and Real in Spain, more or less like the USA major leagues and the club doesn’t have owners, like in Germany.

What makes the football over here in Brazil different is the number of “big clubs”, “big clubs” are the teams with big number of supporters and money to pay for the best players. Of course, every year some big is in crises, some small is playing like a big one.

Chapecoense is as small that had a very good team last year before the sad accident. This year, Internacional, that won 3 Campeonatos Brasileiros, two Libertadores and, in 2006, defeat Barcelona at the FIFA Club World Cup, is now in the second division, Série B.

Last year, 2016, Palmeiras won it’s 9th championship with Gabriel Jesus, Guardiola’s weapon in Manchester City, now, in 2017, Palmeiras still one of the good to bet, but looks like it will be harder for them this year. Lets see.

To make a team “big” in Brazil it’s necessary a lot of supporters, money, tradition and an administration stable. Supporters, Money and tradition is pretty much the same everywhere,

but an “stable administration” in brazilian football is a thing very complicated or different; often, the champion spend more than could and can’t keep a competitive team in the next year.

So you will hear me telling interesting stories about how the club are controlled, now, lets put this way: ideally “stable administration” is the ones that do not put too much pressure in the coach business and keep the money coming to pay the bills.

In the sixty editions, there are seventeen champions, apart the team Santos, with Pele, that won five in the row, 61 to 65, only Sao Paulo won three year a roll, Palmeira made in 67/68 and in 93/94, Internacional 75/76, Flamengo 82/83, Corinthians 98/99 and Cruzeiro 13/14.

The highly disputed Campeonato Brasileiro made it very interesting to see. A lot of zebras for sure.

The word Zebra is the african animals name, and it happens in brazilian football when the weak wins the strong team.

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